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Conventional metal films are dominantly used in commercial buildings and large skyscrapers, this only makes sense because these films are the least costly of the three technologies and perform great for rejecting heat.

Because of its sometimes mirrored appearance, solar reflective films can dramatically improve the appearance of a building by hiding blinds and office furniture. As far as Privacy features are concerned, during a moderately sunny day you are able to see out but others can't see in because the light source is outside. The reflection from the metals in these films will produce a shiny mirrored look therefore reducing or in most cases eliminating any transparency through the glass.

Sign Solutions - Window Films - Solar & Glare

In short, traditional mirrored metal films represent a large part of the window film market commercially. Low mirrored and sputtered films dominate the residential market where cost and performance are required. For the upscale in aesthetics and conservation, ceramics and sputtered films are second to none. Ceramics and sputtered films are also dominating the retail storefront applications, due to the performance and ability to preserve glass appearance.

  • 10 year guarantee
  • Provides significant heat reduction
  • Reduce damaging UV light
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