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Sputtered films achieve their outstanding colour stability, durability and performance through sputtering, a manufacturing process which bonds exclusive high performance metals and alloys to the film structure. Conventional film products get their colour and other properties from dyes or coating, which are destined to fade and discolour over time. Because all the visual and energy control performance features of Sputtered films come from stabilized metal-based components, no dye or pigmented coatings are ever used. Sputtered films are not subject to fading or discolouration.

Sign Solutions - Window Films - Sputtered Films

Most of the sun's heat is transmitted in the form of invisible infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Sputtered films are able to isolate and reject heat in these energy bands, while allowing visible light to pass through. Customers confirm that it is, indeed, "the best window film you'll never see."

  • 10 year guarantee
  • Provides significant heat reduction
  • Reduce damaging UV light
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